If you’re stuck in the past you’re going to lose, you only win by going into the future. I’ve been writing about social media, I’ve been a blogger for a long time. Shell Israel and I wrote about eight years ago called ‘Naked Conversations’ which was all about how social software and blogging was gonna change the corporation, and it absolutely has.

Now Sales Force calls themselves the social enterprise and has social tools built into their customer relationship management systems. Since that book you know how many billion dollar companies have popped up? Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Cora, well, Cora’s not a billion dollar one but Four Square and Cora and a whole bunch of other ones that are popping up that just use social. And this new book is about five things, so social is one of them, but location data, because our world is getting mapped and it’s getting sharper and sharper in the databases, we’re getting a lot more data every day about the world we’re walking through and being part of.

Add-ons, sensors, my Nest thermostat now has a sensor, when I walk by the thermostat it understands I’m there, right. And my Google Glass has, I don’t know, five sensors on it and my mobile phone has seven sensors on it and my Oakley ski goggle has four sensors, and on and on.

And wearable computers are going to really change what’s possible with mobile, ‘cause like this Google Glass is the first consumer electronics gadget that knows where I’m aimed, it’s firing the sensors right now as I’m moving around. And where my eyes are looking, and it’s listening to me, you know, and it’s talking to me once in a while. So that changes, if you wrap those five things together and add in big data and machine learning, you can make a new kind of software, you can make an operating system that is contextual, that knows whether you’re walking, running, skiing, driving, shopping, in a meeting, in an interview, right, in a sales presentation, you know.

And the world should serve you differently if you’re in different contexts, you know. Right now I’m in an interview so don’t talk to me about shopping, you know, but if we walk out and start walking around and going to different stores then I’ll say ‘hey, help me shop better’, right, and go into a shopping mode and start serving me better.