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Risk Culture. How can we measure it?

Organisations will approach risk in different ways depending on their corporate culture, their industry, their processes and their business strategies. The behaviour and attitude towards risk and the tools and techniques they use to deal with it can be known as risk culture. Risk can be embedded into their corporate culture or can be a separate focus. In a good risk culture awareness and consideration of risk will be embedded into the organisation, but this can be achieved in more than one way. The perception of the risk culture might not match across an organisation and might not match with the reality of the behavior. Therefore it is important that business try to understand what is happening in their company and try to build a risk culture that works for them. These videos explore how risk culture in an organisation can be mapped and changed for the better.

Risk CultureDr Hilary Lewis

Risk culture in organisationsDr Hilary Lewis

Changing risk culture means changing ways of thinkingSimona Fionda

Mapping culture variations in businessDr Hilary Lewis

Improving risk culture in businessMichael Power

Changing risk culture in organisationsNorman Sinclair


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Dr Hilary Lewis

Director, Systemic Consult Ltd
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Simona Fionda

Vice President Operational Risk, Barclays Bank Plc
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Michael Power

Professor of Accounting, The London School of Economics and Political Science
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Norman Sinclair

Former Group Risk Manager, SSE

People need to feel it is the right thing to do. That’s when you know that your risk culture is embedded
Simona Fionda

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