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    • Entering a 2nd Machine Age similar to the Industrial Revolution
    • Disruption driven by rapid adoption of cheap consumer tech
    • Consumers now demanding decision rights over everything
    • Companies must seek new business strategies to adapt

    New generation tearing industries apart

    In every industry in the world technology, the power of technology and this new generation of young people who use the technology in such different ways are gonna come into these industries and blow these industries apart. I really do believe that we’re only just at the beginning of realising what this digital age will [...]

    Adapting procedures to a dynamic world

    No situation stays the same, whatever. The financial world doesn’t stay the same, technology moves on all the time. So whatever you’ve got in place in terms of procedure is going to run up against it because the technology is going to change, the situation is going to change, and you have got to have [...]

    Individuals contributing to the company’s marketing

    A lot of companies out there have been using traditional marketing mechanisms. They’ve been using digital marketing, and what we see is that more and more marketing has got to rely on the individuals in the company to help get the messages out because it’s those individuals that are often the sales people and it’s the [...]

    How digital change complicates risk management

    It is a cliché to say “The only constant is change.” But the trouble with clichés is that they are often true. The way consumers want to interact with companies is changing so businesses cannot be too rigid with procedures. New technologies systems and Cloud has also changed the way businesses work internally. Technology will [...]

    Beyond social media – the Age of Context

    If you’re stuck in the past you’re going to lose, you only win by going into the future. I’ve been writing about social media, I’ve been a blogger for a long time. Shell Israel and I wrote about eight years ago called ‘Naked Conversations’ which was all about how social software and blogging was gonna [...]

    Globalisation has made risk management more complex

    There is a school of thought amongst some risk managers that risk management is really simple. I simply do not buy that. Our lives are complicated, our businesses are complicated. Information travels across the globe to different parts of a business at an incredible speed. Companies need to think about risk across all moving parts [...]

    The Second Machine Age

    So our next book, ‘The Second Machine Age’, is coming out in January 2014, it’s written with Erik Brynjolfsson and what we’re trying to do is lay out the case for why we should be profoundly optimistic, but not utopian about our next chapter of economic history, which is a chapter driven by astonishing progress [...]

    Dealing with constant change in risk

    One problem in modern business is that things change on a daily basis. Reporting and monitoring cannot be fixed. Modern business have to actively look for the next thing that is going to hurt them. There are lots of tools and techniques to help you spot patterns. This is something that humans are very good [...]