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About us

Risk TV is an on-demand library of video briefings focussing on the world of risk.  The channel pulls together academics, specialists, CROs and practitioners from the world of risk, as well as experts and commentators whose expertise adds to the conversation about risk. Risk TV is operated by yBC.tv and has a very clear editorial agenda: to provide significant “food for thought” for anyone who is working in or interested in risk.

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Latest Briefings


    Briefing: A World of Conversations

    Digital has exploded the volume of conversations. Around 40% of the world’s population are digitally networked. In 1995, it was less than 1%. 3.2 billion people are now digitally connected. 204 million emails are sent every minute. Every day, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. 90% of it in the last 2 years as [...]

    Briefing: Mapping Risk Culture

    Risk Culture. How can we measure it? Organisations will approach risk in different ways depending on their corporate culture, their industry, their processes and their business strategies. The behaviour and attitude towards risk and the tools and techniques they use to deal with it can be known as risk culture. Risk can be embedded into [...]

    Briefing: Blowing Industries Apart

    The Next Generation of digital consumers are driving disruption in every industry. This revolution has both social and technological components as people rapidly adopt cheap consumer tech for work and play. Even non-digital businesses must react to these profound changes in consumer behaviours. The next generation increasingly exert decision rights over every aspect of their [...]

    Briefing: Just the warm up acts

    Digital disruption coming to every industry. The effects of the second machine age will be at least as big as the industrial revolution according to experts like Erik Brynjolfsson from MIT Center for Digital Business.

    Briefing: Uber Disruption

    Silicon Valley’s Robert Scoble discusses the business impact of disruptive technology. Uber is a new kind of taxi service that uses smartphone app technology to connect with customers. It is disrupting the taxi industry across the world. Even though the company was only founded in 2009 it is already valued at US18.2 [...]

    Risk Conversations

    A new tool to map Risk Conversations.   Early this year, yBC jointly launched Risk Conversations in conjunction with Anderson Risk.  Risk Conversations provides boards, NEDs and executives with a very clear picture of their organisation’s risk culture – including a detailed map of live risks and issues.  This is a unique and ground breaking [...]

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